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Glowing and Radiating Skin? 

hey queens

I'm Christine Chinemerem!

I’m a Nigerian-American from Prince George’s County, Maryland and I am also the founder and CEO of Ce’s Cosmetology. I am a lawyer by day and beauty entrepreneur by night. I am combining my love for law and passion for beauty. My goal is to break barriers in both the legal and beauty industry. ​

Personally, I have always had a love for fashion and beauty. For as long as I could remember I was obsessed with the latest fashion trends and beauty secrets. Both fashion and beauty were special to me, however I developed insecurities surrounding my skin due to childhood eczema. My mother took me to numerous dermatologists; but nothing prescribed for me worked. I couldn’t use the beauty products on the market because the chemicals were too harsh on my skin.


We decided to treat my skin condition with natural herbs and ingredients. I started to incorporate foods like raw honey, oats, aloe vera, and shea butter into my skin care routine. Very soon, my skin started to glow and radiate like never before! My mission behind Ce’s Cosmetology is to provide our bodies with organic beauty care products and to return back to how beauty should be, NATURAL.




I was just like you. Trying to figure out how to become my Instagram follower’s hair and skin goals.
Listen. You are here, THIS IS IT. Regardless of who you are, there is something here for you at Ce’s Cosmetology.

I can’t wait to start your beauty journey with you!

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